Beverly Hills Polo Club Thailand | The Original EST.1982
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Luxurious American Clothing Line

The original Beverly Hills Polo Club was founded in the early 20th Century, and took a leading role in the sport throughout America with many famous players.

In 1982 two sharp witted Los Angeles students realised the potential of marketing clothes under the brand, and designed simple print T-Shirts and Sweat Shirts to help fund their college education.

Within 2 years, the success of the sales had been so strong that the students could no longer finance the growth alone, and sold the name to their Screen Printer.

Due to great demand from the retail community, in 1983 Beverly Hills Polo Club was developed into a Women’s clothing collection. The brand quickly became a household name synonymous with the coveted California lifestyle. The line naturally developed into Men’s clothing, and after 6 years the factory could not keep up with demand!! As a result they closed down the factories, and became a licensing operation, controlling the design and price of the brand, but outsourcing the production and sales to licensees.


The United Kingdom began selling product.The success was unprecedented with over 20 million (pounds) in sales.

Beverly Hill Polo Club ranked as 52 largest brands in the world with over 600 million US. dollar in sales.

Beverly Hill Polo Club has 90 licenses worldwide operating in excess of 100 countries and retailing over 50 different types of merchandise with sales exceeding 1 billion US. dollar